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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wedding Planner or Not??

In this tight economy, some may be trying to decide on whether or not to spend the money on a wedding planner. Well, after seeing the events that brides were putting together this weekend at The Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show, it is my option, that your wedding day is a VERY special day, you shouldn't be worried about the details at that point. The bride has, in most cases, never planned a big event like this before. Trust someone that has done this enough to know what questions to even ask. You might not even know to ask the caterer if they provide the place settings, table card holders, linens, etc. A professional planner can at the very least be there on your day to make sure that everything is handled like you had prepared for.

While we can can help you choose personalized bridal party gifts, engraved or custom designed jewelry, table card holders, favors, etc., a wedding planner can work with us to make sure that all of the details of those gifts get presented at the right time and with the intention that you had intended. They can also make sure that the theme and overall "look" you were going for comes across to create an unforgettable event.

After being with some of the planners this past weekend, I was SO impressed with their presentations. We were lucky to be next to Southern Shindigs (notice that Southern thing). Their table was the most elegant Spring presentation I have ever seen. They pulled together the pinks, yellows, sages and golds to create an AMAZING Vintage Rose display.

If you are looking for a wedding planner, you can click on the link under the picture above and it will take you to Southern Shindigs website where you can get more information about planning your next event. Let Southern Shindigs... Add Southern Flair to your Sophisticated Affair!

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